Get More Furry Customers

Petista is designed for mobile groomers who want to spend less time worrying and more time doing what they love.

Built specifically with mobile groomers in mind, Petista enables you to expand your business and operations without adding overhead.

Why Use Petista?

Are you looking to grow and take your operation to the next level? Then, Petista is for you.

Daily Deposits

With daily deposits and settlements, Petista handles all of your business functions which means you spend more time grooming and less time book keeping.

Increased Visibility

Petista websites are SEO optimized to rank higher on Google which means more people searching for groomers will find your business.

Earn On Your Terms

Set your grooming preference based on your personal goals and screen appointment requests before allowing clients to book.

Save on Gas

Automated route scheduling technology uses machine learning to optimize your appointment so you spend less time driving.

Recurring Clients

Get feedback with a before & after photo that pleases your client. Automated recurring appointments & reminders!

No Payment Headaches

Easy pay automatically processes and transfers payments via cash, check, credit card or apple pay once your groom is complete.

You Should Be A Part Of This

Petista creates a community for mobile groomers

Your mobile pet grooming business should be the fulfillment of a dream, not a nightmare. Let us take care of your administrative work so you can focus on your furry friends, your life outside of work, and everything else NOT paperwork related.

How Do We Compare?

Petista was created to support you in growing your business and connecting you with other professionals in the industry to expand your network. The features were created specifically to provide opportunities that elevate the stress of running a business, giving you the time to scale your business and see more wagging tails.


Increased Overhead

No Room to Scale

Binding Contracts


No Risk of Overhead

Room for Scaling

Cancel Anytime


Showcase Work

Flexible Hours

Management Support

Get Started Today

From online booking, scheduling, and integrated payment methods to our intelligent routing system and vehicle maintenance, Petista makes it easy for mobile groomers to maintain and grow their business.

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